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Enjoy these reads. Some of it are rp situations. Some of it are situations that happened with my virtual friends, "friends," and foes. Some of it is me taking my avatar through what I've went through irl and some of it is completely made up. Comment which you think it is. It could be either of the above! Have fun and enjoy!

Mermaid Excursion

I don’t know what it is but every time we travel out of the states, the salt water just hits me different. My entire body gets dry and peels until a new layer of what looks to be fish scales, appear. The only thing that stops it from constantly shedding, itching and patching is to submerge myself, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. ⁣

After about 12 hours of spiritual, emotional and physical connecting, I felt more in tune with myself, my surroundings and the earth itself. Transforming is always the highest level of decompression for me. Underwater nature is where I can gather every fiber of my being, leaving me in an untethered state of serenity and tranquility. ⁣

Once I swam 7 miles below the surface, I tend to forget everything that has happened on land. My memory gets foggy and eventually my time on land is pushed completely out of my mind. I forget everything and everyone, until I have a reason to return 7 miles close to air. ⁣

For some reason, beyond the 7 mile radius, whilst deep down in the ocean, images of Joey and the feeling of deep love all comes rushing back. The subconscious flashes had me instinctively return to air, looking for him and there he was. Dressed in some random scuba gear and sitting on the side of the same dock that I jumped off of, just staring in the water. ⁣

I decided to surprise him so I swam below the dock (filthiest shit ever), broke a small wood shard from the leg of the dock and stuck it through the cracks, poking his butt cheek. He yelled “what the fuck,” and tried standing up, only to fall directly into the water. LOL. I swam over to him, watching him struggle to gain his composure and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He turned towards me, pissed. I swam closer and hugged him so tight, forgetting that I now have magnified strength. I done almost killed his ass. ⁣

He situated his mouth piece and turned on his oxygen tank before we explored below. It was amazinggg. I showed him different fish, plants and life below. We might have had a little quickie under there but that’s another story for another day. ⁣

The Jamaican sea life was nothing short of perfect.
The Whole Room Knew About Our Threesome 12/15/19

So my one of my besties, for the sake of privacy, we'll call her Shannon. Shannon called me Friday evening and asked if I could come chill with her and her new boo at his peoples party. The party was in a high-rise apt downtown, surrounded by water, so she described. I didn't have anything else going on so I was down. I got home from work, freshened up, reapplied a lil make up and got in my car.
Shannon dropped the location and when I typed it into my GPS....BITCHHHHHH. It was in the hood. I was like "shit, shit, shit, what a lying ass bitch." I had on a shoulder-less shirt, a few necklaces, drop earrings, 32 inches of straight hair, some velour leggings and instead of heels, I changed into my silk sneakers I always have in my car. Even in sneakers, I knew I was a bit overdressed at this point but fuck it. I went anyway.
When I arrived, it was about an hour after Shannon did. So she comes out with her new boo to meet me at my car. When I see her, she is super drunk, slurring words, walking slow and having a hard time keeping herself up. It was also raining at this point and my fucking fur jacket had no hood. So you know I was fucking irritated before we even reached the door. Not only was my hair getting wet but I was about to walk into a house full of people who I don't know, with my friend who is clearly drunk and SLOPPY.
So we get inside and its about 5 girls and 8 guys. They were all standing around a table in a rap cypher like how they do on BET. There was a girl rapping at the time that I took my jacket off and sat it down. I was instantly intrigued tbh so I join the circle and was just vibingg. It was a good time. Once they caught a break, we all introduced ourselves and the vibes were just on point. The girls were cool as shit and the guys were too. Everyone was drinking (I ate an edible on my way there so I decided not to drink), dancing, the cypher was still going and anybody could jump in.
Shannons drunk ass decided to jump in lol. When she did, it was more of a joke cus we weren't as good as the guys or the girls who were really spittin. So Shannon went and her last line that she spit was "and I'mma be Jasons bitchh till the end." (Now if you know me, please realize that I don't hang with females who refer to themselves in that kind of manner. Its one thing to have a cocky moment and just say something like "I'm that bitchhh" but not calling yourself some guys bitch like whetttt.  She has never done that, in front of me anyways, so I was shocked and a little disgusted because for one, Jason was ugly as shit. For two, he looked broke. Three, he was like 5'5. Four, he has no car, job or place of his own and he is over 30 yrs old. And five, he only called her on FaceTime or IG...bitch this nigga don't even have his phone on so to call yourself his bitch issa no in my book bitch I was instantly embarrassed)
Anyways, I brushed that off and kept vibin. Shannon began dancing all up on Jason so I'm just cooling with the other girls and we all look over and see Shannons ass crack as she's bent over on Jason, she turns around and faces him, ass still showing and now her lower stomach too (mind you, she is borderline bbw), and throws her leg around him and grinds on him while he grips on her ass and lifts her off the floor. So they're putting on a whole show, sloppy as hell and again, I'm just looking like bruh what the fuck. So I grab her arm and was just like yoooo come to the bathroom with me. So we went to the bathroom and I told her like "bitchhhh you are embarrassing me. Can you pull the drunk sloppy shit together cus we don't know none of these people and this shit isn't cute." She agrees and we eventually go back out there.
By the time we get back to the crowd, a few had went outside to smoke so there was myself, Shannon, her boo Jason and some tall guy who had been looking at me all day, still inside.
Shannon and I sat down and she closed her eyes and sat back. The tall guy then got on his knee in front of me, staring at my chest while licking his lips and says "I really like this top you have on." So I'm like "look, thats nice and I fw it and you can keep looking at it the same way you are rn, but do it from over there," pointing to the other couch. Still on bended knee in front of me, he tells me how his tongue is as long as his beard and tries to show me... Now I was fucking disgusted. Bitch his tongue was white at the top. I could feel like stomach drop like I wanted to throw the fuck up. So I didn't even respond to that, I just stood up in front of him, reached my hand out to him like "come on, lemme help you to your spot." Like mannnnnn. Ewl.
So now that he was out of my face, I sat back down next to Shannon and the girls who house it was, came in and sat next to Jason (Shannons boo). She then randomly asks me like "Heyyy, did you and Shannon have a threesome?"
I instantly looked at her with a screw face like tffff. So I replied like "excuse me?!"
She began laughing and was like "I'm not tryna offend you or be rude but did you?"
I began tapping Shannon hard as shit to wake her up and was like "Yoooo wassup with them?"
So all eyes were on me and waiting for a response. Shannon was acting so out of it so I was just like "who asks people stuff like that. Thats random as hell, why would you even ask that?"
The girl goes "the way y'all interact. Y'all went to the bathroom together and y'all just look like y'all close."
The guy who was on his knee in my face earlier then said "she not tryna answer so thats a yes."
I then said "the answer is no but that was just random as hell so I'm just tryna figure out where it came from."
Jason then stood up and said, "Theres no reason to lie about it. I know y'all did something. Even if it was years ago, y'all did SOMETHING."
So I instantly got heated because like I said, I don't know this man or any of these people.
I replied "you really bout to sit here and tell me what I did and didn't do? Wassup with y'all like thats weird as shit."
He then began pacing the floor and jokingly said, "Its nothing to be ashamed of. Shidddd I wanna have a threesome too. I just don't know why you feel like you gotta lie about it."

I lied because its none of his or anyones in that rooms business. If I didn't tell him about it, then that isn't something that is up for discussion, CLEARLY. I didn't want his disgusting, dirty ass to think that he even had a chance at a threesome with me and Shannon and I definitely didn't want the nigga who was near me earlier to think I was a freak or with the shits either like NOOOO.

So I replied like "I don't have to lie about nothing I do but if I was to have a threesome, it wouldn't be anybody's business but mine so idk why this is even a convo like this is weird."
He then laughs and says "mannn you need to live in your truth. I'm tryna have what y'all had," then starts humping the air and laughing.
I just laughed and was like "yooo y'all buggin."
I then nudged Shannon harder until she really woke up and I asked her what was good with her mans cus that was some weird shit for this man to sit there and argue me down bout what I did and didn't do with my pussy when I just met him less than an hour ago. Clearly he heard some shit and I was gonna address it with Shannon.

And about the threesome, that is something that I wanted to forget. Shannon and her gf at the time could both say that my sex was bullshit cus with them, I returned no favors and my mouth and hands touched neither of them. I let Shannon eat my pussy (which was fucking terrible), rode and came on her gfs face (now her head was...whew, thats another story) and directed them when they fucked. I wanted to cut Shannon out of that memory so bad that 6 yrs ago when it happened, I hadn't talked to her for a month after I left her house that day. Thats how bad her head was so fr, the threesome should have NEVER been a discussion for her.

Anyways, we ended up leaving. I took it upon myself to take their bottle of D'Usse Cognac XO. Some would say its stealing, I call it payment for my emotional distress with that incident. We're even. =)

I did let Shannon know about her behavior and the fact that I didn't like how she told this dusty ass nigga about what we did. Like if you wanna tell your nigga about a threesome you had, why the fuck did you have to mention my name or tell him WHO you did it with if the nigga aint decent enough to at least act like he didn't know or decent enough to just keep it to his fucking self. I still don't know how to feel about her doing that. What y'all think?


Charging My Crystals.

Tonight is the last full moon of 2019. In the name of going into a new decade free of stress, worry and negativity, I'm gonna charge my crystals and take care of my mind and body all December.
Here is a captured moment of me washing my crystals in a natural source of salt water so that I can recharge, reset and speak my intentions into them tonight under the full moon. Its cold as a motherfucker but the job must be done!
Accessory Credits Here

So the new year is coming so I'd like to spend as much as December as possible, doing things to refresh, rejuvenate and cleanse my mind and body of everything but positive essences. I want to go into the new year with a clean slate, mentally and physically.

Todays self care cleanse is going to be a love bath. I run my water hot with no cold water added. I'll be adding Rose Water, 6 tbsp (from Marshalls), a small amount of Tea Spa Bath Salt (5 and Below), a few Rose Quartz tumble crystals (be sure to charge your crystals before using). I've also decided to add some white orchids (local supermarket) and chrysanthemums petals to add into my bath, a table spoon of honey, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, I've put a few of my face plants near my bath as well (they make me feel one with nature and the oxidation flow is great). I let that all sit until the water is cooled enough for me to get in (probably about 10 mins) then I hop in and relax. I think about positivity, which goals I want to achieve in the next few months and the next few years, my loved ones and how I will achieve happiness on my way to my goals.
I hope you guys can use some of this stuff to cleanse your minds and bodies.
Till next time!

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  1. That first story was based on real life, I think. Way too messy to be made up, and I hope you've cut "Shannon" out of your life, because she sounds toxic.