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Adored Corner

Chair: dust bunny . hygge vibes . sherpa chair . adult
Table: dust bunny & con . adaline living room . coffee table
Rug: Fancy Fall Renouveau Berber Rug - Stone
Lights: NOMAD // Fringe Chandelier
Plant: The Loft & Aria - Weldon Heartleaf Philodendron
Walls: Apple Fall Sequoia Paneling, Inner Corner - Cotton
Flowers: (Luc.) Money & Roses Bouquet, Red [Held, Kupra]

Valentines Day Pregame

Backdrop includes bed: [BH9] - XoXo Scene V2
Rose Bouquets: FOXCITY. Prop - Rose Bouquet
Petals: JCKLP ; Bad Romance ; Suck That
Apple Fall Roses Box 
Queen Kitty Overlooking The Palace

GlamBooks - GlamGods
Astralia - Living Colors (Armchair) Adult Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Drinks Tray) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Dresser) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Lamp) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Wall lamp) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Wall neon) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Frames) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Plant&Neon) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Astralia - Living Colors (Fireplace) Uber Jan 2020 (Sponsored)
Fancy Decor: Carter Log Rack
Fancy Decor: Carter Fire Tools
Birdy - Royal Pets - Kitty
-tres blah-  Hodgepodge - Stacked Magazines
-tres blah- Hodgepodge - Wine Duet
dust bunny . sweet dreams . fur stool
27. Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter - Lauren
PL$H - CHANEL PERFUME - Open Box W\Perfume

Blessed with the Best
Shoes: Marchese - Thais Heels
Car: FELGO Motors // ROSS W v8.5g
Purse: 7;] - 7V Plexi
Keys: MVT - Boujee keychain UP
Flowers: dust bunny . box of roses
Bags: /PL$H/ Shopping Bag - Chanel W/Flower
/PL$H/ Shopping Bag - Sephora


Queen Of The Court

Shoes: Marchese - Thais Heels
Ankle Bracelet: ROSSI. Nasty Ankle Bracelet
BasketBall: PL$H - Chanel Basketball

My Love Bath to bring in the beautiful new year of 2020!

dust bunny & con . lauren bathroom . bathtub . adult
Elm. Bathroom Decor Tub Rack White RARE
Foxwood - Spa - Tray
Fancy Decor: Bernard Candle (modifiable to recolor)
:::ChicChica::: Strawberry Dispenser
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Candlesticks
:::ChicChica::: Champagne flute Brut Large (in hand)
Rose Petals were photoshopped in. 

I hadn’t even packed a thing from my LA home before moving to NYC right in time for Christmas. Now I’ve changed my mind about where I want to be for the holiday. Last min call to a friend, she’s letting me use her private for the holidays. Paris, here I come!

Suitecase: Tentaco - Travel with me. Luggage
Heels: Garbaggio
Pup: Birdy - Boudoir - Pom - Snow  RARE
Passport: e.marie // Passport - Pink
Bra: +Half-Deer+ - Lingerie Clutter - Pink
Roses: dust bunny . - overnight bag
Money: SEUL - Allowance


Lashes by: .:Mai Bilavio:. - Dreamgirl Collection @ Kustom9 (Sponsored)


This gorgeous Diamond Fragrance was made by Liz Milan. It is now available at her very own event, The Beauty Galaxy and was inspired by the heavenly Diamond fragrance by Kim K! Go and get yours now!


Puppy: [Rezz Room] - Pomeranian Animesh
                                                           Jeans: .: ryvolter :.  – Chained-Up BF Jeans
Shirt: Magnoliac - Raven Top @  Anthem Dec 2019
                                                             iPhone 11: GlamGod  Cellphone 11
Roses: /PL$H/ MAISON Des FLEURS - Black Gift Box
Blanket: dust bunny . - pom pom blanket
Strawberries: dust bunny . - chocolate strawberries
Cookies: dust bunny . - shortbread cookies
Dog Cookies: Foxwood - Puppy Baker - Cookies


Shoes: November - Aaliyah Heels @ Access Dec 2019
Nails: Ascendant (Legacy)
Robe: Moon Elixir x MUSE - Miss Independent


Bag: ..S..: - The Boy Bag
dust bunny . wiccan artistry . dried flowers
dust bunny . wiccan artistry . bowl of crystals
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Tray

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