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Kenya Resort
This resort was designed to give you the feel of Kenya, Africa. This is my second trip with Asha and it was just as wonderful as my first. The role-play was exceptional, the staff makes you feel welcome and valued and overall, I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars! Read below the photos for a more detailed description about my stay!

My experience:
My husband and I vacationed at the Kenya resort for 3000 per night. We were flown in for check-in on day one, warmly greeted by Asha and other staff members for checkin and shown to our private gazebo. I must say, the view that we had from our gazebo was beautiful. On our patio, we had an open jacuzzi with views of elephants and gazelles feeding from a river behind us. We were given a decent amount of time to relax and settle in before our safari ride (rp included). That part was great and informative. After the ride, there was dinner. We had the option to have rp dinner for 350Ls per person or we could dine at the on site restaurant but with the buffet food in which we'd help ourselves. We chose the rp dinner and it was as expected. There were a few large groups there so we decided to sit away from the commotion on a balcony which was sectioned off. The balcony is moreso set up for lounging but the staff were so nice, they rearranged it to accommodate our wants. I thought that was exceptional because most time when resorts have large groups, they tend to neglect couples/singles but we didn't experience that at all. After the dinner, there was a party which I am sure it was nice but we didn't attend...(we got caught up in taking photos lol). The next morning, there was a buffet breakfast then an African zumba class. We had a break then had the option to do another safari ride. Included around the sim was also an area for paint balling, rock climbing, skydiving, open mic, arrow shooting and tons of romantic areas to relax in the middle of the wilderness. 
All in all, I'd give it a 5 star rating and I'll definitely be vacationing with Asha again!

I'd defintly recommend for singles, couples, friends, families, everyone! 

The info is below.
Facebook: Asha Wise Rhia

Savasdee Resort

This resort was designed to give you the feel of Phuket, Thailand and they did a wonderful job portraying that location. Also, the role-play and attentiveness of the staff was amazing during the stay. Check out a few photos below! For more photos, check out my IG @TheGlamGodd

My experience:
When I stayed, my husband and I bought the premium package for 3500 Ls. That included 2 nights and 3 days. 
Pros: There was a rp spa day & massage, beach dinner, helicopter tour and meditation/yoga session. The rp was great and detailed. Love love loved it! 
The cabana that I had was nicely decorated and came with our own boat AND jeep to ride around the sim with and if y'all know me, y'all know I can't drive for shit but the jeeps were slow enough for me to manage and drive without crashing into everything. Also, there were a lot of other things to do besides sight see. There was zip lining, game places where you could play basketball, cards, dice and so on. There was a spot to swim with animals. I'm sure I'm probably missing more activities but those were the ones that my group and I participated in and we loved it all. I think it was definitely worth the price paid. 
Cons: Unless you hear about it from a person whose opinion you 100% trust, it will feel like you're taking a risk. For 3500Ls, I wanted to at least cam the sim to see what I was paying for but I was denied that opportunity because as they stated, they "had other people requesting the same package that I had and if they allowed me to view it, they'd have to allow everyone to." I felt like that was poor customer service for a potential client and at that moment, I was about to walk away from it but my friend told me not to and ensured me that I'd love it. I was hesitant but still agreed since she was confident that I'd love it. 
That aside, the tp for check-in didn't occur until an hour after their specified time and when I contacted the companies avatar, it was offline. I began getting impatient because not only were we not provided the LM, we sat around waiting and for me, someone who already was about to back out, I started to feel like I had just lost out on my Ls and had passed up rl plans for nothing.

All in all, I'm willing to say that we were the resorts first group of people and the cons are things that could easily and hopefully will be worked out and the overall experience is still 5 stars!

I'd defintly recommend for singles, couples, friends, families, everyone! 

Their info is below.
IG: @nuwaedestinations


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