20. 391 Lovely Lioness

♥ Necklace: Rossi - Zodiac chain (Leo) @ Access July 2020
Access Sim: 
🏃‍♀Main: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACCESS/128/129/200
🏃‍♀️Cam 1: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACCESS%20CamShopping/230/139/2001 
🏃‍♀Cam 2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACCESS%202/14/130/2004
♥ Hair: Unorthodox - "Wash Day" Gacha @ Epiphany July 2020 

Due to the pricing of the Unorthodox hair being 6999Ls at the mirrored sim then the price later changed to 7999Ls per fatpack and 75Ls per gacha play, there has been such a large number of complaints, criticism and comments on this product. The main question is "why is it so pricy, what does it do and is it worth it?"

I'll answer from my own opinion and experience. 

To start off, I'd say that it all depends on what you like to do on SL. If you're the type of person who loves animated rp, if you're heavily into rp and/or if you like to do rp videos, I think you'd find it worthy of the price because 9 times out of 10, if you're into all of the things I've just mentioned, you're already used to spending a pretty penny on such items to enhance your experience with SL in general. 

If you aren't into too much rp and don't give a shit about animations and you're just looking for the style in the ad, then you may find this product too expensive and the experience may be an irritation. 

About the product: The hair (RARE) comes as a wet style by default and has to be activated by the other products to achieve the big curly style. If you play the gacha instead of getting the fatpack then minimally, you have to get and keep at least one shampoo, conditioner, brush, moisturizer and blow dryer (rare). When playing the gacha, each of these products come with 3 uses. Once you put the hair on, it is flat with a wet look. You have to add the shampoo hud, click it to use it and it'll add suds to you hair and animate you to wash it. I thought that was super cute. Once you do that, you then have to add the conditioner hud, click it and let that process. Next is the brush, animation included. Then the moisturizer, animation included and lastly, the dryer, animation included and as you're drying your hair, the curls grow to the look that is displayed on the ad. Each step has an animation so I can appreciate that for rp and aesthetic purposes. 

Each step, once again, also only has 3 uses. Once you go through all 5 steps and get the curly look, if you take it off, you will have to do ALL five steps again, making that your 2nd use of all five products. If you log out and log back in with the hair on, it will stay as you left it so thats a good part. 

The texture of both wet and dry hairs are 100% amazing. The quality of this product is exceptional especially if you're looking for a rp experience. One complaint that I do have is the fact that I don't always feel like rping or going through all of the steps when I want to wear it but a copy of the final hair (the big curly look) isn't included and that is my only con. Other than that, I think my money was well spent and for those of you who got the fatback, if you run out of the amounts of uses you have, just unpack it again from your objects folder and boom, refreshed. 

Sidenote: I paid 4999Ls for the fatpack.
Would I pay 7999Ls? No and that is only because I don't care for that much rp and Id much rather throw my wig on and go. 

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