20.364 Spillt Wine

I was super hydrated today so I was able to pump 13 ounces of milk in one sitting (don’t judge me if it was at the dinner table) and wanted a celebratory glass of wine and behold.... I spill the shit on my newly tiled, WHITE marble floor. Great. Meanwhile, Juliana is sleeping every so comfortably in midst of this mess. 😭

Choker: November - Krishna Diamond Choker (Sponsored)
Armcuff: Rossi - Forever Diamonds Arm Cuff (Sponsored)
Wine: FakeIcon - splash @ Equal 10 July 2020 (Sponsored)
Shoes: .: vive nine :. - Dahlia Sandals (Sponsored)
Dress: {ABC} Alexander Rag Dress @ Desolation Event July 2020
Baby: Juliana

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